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Our Bespoke Benches

9 ft Wheelchair Accessible Table

9 ft Wheelchair Accessible Table

This is our biggest table and best seller. Due to it size it will comfortably accommodate 8 adults and 2 wheelchairs.


Top 2745mm/9 feet long by 915mm/3 feet wide. Overall height 813mm/32inches. Height to the base of the chassis 762mm/30 inches.Overall width with seats 1524mm/5 ft.

                                                                        Price £399.00 (Plus VAT & Delivery)                              

7 ft Wheelchair Accessible Table

7 ft Wheelchair Accessible Table

This is also a very popular table and better suited to some areas where its big brother may be too large.


Top 2135mm/7 feet long by 915mm/3 feet wide. Overall height 813mm/32inches 

Height to the base of the chassis 762mm/30 inches. Overall width with seats 1524mm/5 ft   

                                                                                                                                               Price £329.00  (Plus VAT & Delivery)
Standard Picnic Table

Standard Tables

From 1220mm/4 feet up to 2438mm 8 feet. If you have a size outside of this then please tell us the dimensions and we will give you a quote. 

These tables stand 763mm 30 inches high, with the tops which are 915mm/ 3 foot  wide. The overall width is 1524mm/5 ft. 

                                                                                                                     Prices from £199.00 - £299.00 (Plus VAT & Delivery)

Two seater children's bench
Children's Bench

Our 2 seater children's bench is very popular, also we produce a 4 seater children's bench per request. The little one's can sit at their very own table while the adults sit at theirs!

                                                       Price: 2 Seater £89.00 (Plus VAT Delivery)
                                                       Price: 4 Seater £123.00 (Plus VAT & Delivery)

Bird Table for feathered friends

Bird Table

With the winter months approaching why not give our feathered friends a hand with a fully treated bird table. This comes fully assembled, just add water and bird food.

                                                                                                     Price £45.00 (Plus VAT & Delivery)
Giant Jenga for both adults and kids

Giant Jenga

Hours of fun with this 51 piece set always a winner at events and for the garden, we also do a smaller one especially for small children.

                                                                         Price £59.00 (Plus VAT & Delivery)

Mini Planter ideal for herbs or pot plants
Mini Planter

A great little novelty product in the shape of a bench ideal for Herbs or pot plants. We can make these any size. The one shown on the picture is 16 inches  x 5 inches. The prices depend on the size of the planter.

                                                              Prices from: £20.00 (Plus VAT & Delivery)
Garden Box for flowers or vegetables

Raised Planter

These can be produced in any size. Just tell us the dimensions and we will give you quote.

All units are supplied flat packed and very quick and easy to assemble.

Children's Sandpit

Our bespoke Sandpit ideal for any garden and great entertainment for the children with dimensions of 4ft x 4ft.  

                                                                        Price: £99.00 (Plus VAT & Delivery)

All  of our bespoke benches come flat packed. Just a few coach bolts turn it upright and screw the seats on. Assembly takes about half an hour but we recommend 2 or more people for the construction due to the weight of the benches.